The Navian Site Plan & Facilities

dining garden

swimming pool

party pavilion

Recreation Facilities at Roof Top

  • Swimming Pool
  • Pool Deck
  • Jet Pool
  • Water Play Area
  • Fitness Pavilion
  • Yoga Alcove
  • Seating Alcoves
  • Hammock Alcove
  • BBQ Pavilion 1
  • BBQ Pavilion 2
  • Social Pavilion
  • Outdoor Showers

The Navian Condo FAQ

Swimming Pool What are the dimensions? 20m(L)x4(W)x1.2m (D)
Landscape What are some special features?
  • Communal roof top terrace with roof top swimming pool.
  • Partial glass walled swimming pool.
Facilities Where is the function room? If not which other facilities are alternatives to be used as function room?
  • No function room.
  • Multi-use Party Pavilion is provided at the Roof Terrace
Gas Supply Cylinder gas or city gas?
  • No city gas.
  • Electric cooker hob is provided.
Windows Do the units have sunscreen? Yes, most of the windows are protected with sunshade.
Are the windows tinted? Yes
Any sound-proofing for the units facing main road?main road? No
Any Power Point in balcony/PES?Power Point in balcony/PES? Yes. 1 no. of weatherproof 13A power point is provided in each balcony and PES.
Any Water Point in balcony/PES? No
What is the length of wardrobe for all bedrooms? Master Bedroom Type B4 (Show Flat unit) : Approximate 2.1 m.
Master Bedroom : Approximate 1.7 m.
Common Bedroom : Approximate 1.4 m.
Can electric cooker hob be changed to gas cooker? Yes and only for the 3-Bedroom units.
How many bicycle racks are being provided? Location?
  • Around 8 nos. of 2 tier bicycle racks.
  • Open-to-sky.
  • Located near the pedestrian gate
Water Heater Yes. Electric water heater for kitchen and bathroom.
Height of railing in Balcony Approximate 1.1 m from the balcony floor level.
Hot Water in Kitchen? Yes
Air-conditioning Yes, to Bedroom, Living, Dining (except Types A5 and A5a) and Guest Room (Types A5, A5a, B1-G, B2-G, B2, B3, B4, B4a and B5).
Lift/Lobbies Is lift lobby air-conditioned? No, all lift lobbies are naturally ventilated.
Height of ground floor lift lobby? Approximate 3.0 m.
Letterbox Letterbox Where is it located? Located at the 1st storey, in between the 2 lift lobbies
Security Feature How do residents access the unit? Is there any security entrance? Is there any security entrance?
  • There are total 2 accesses from Jalan Eunos, 1 main gate for vehicular access and 1 side gate for pedestrian and handicap access.
  • Proximity card access control system provided at pedestrian gate.
  • Audio Intercom system from apartment unit and pedestrian gate.
  • Security surveillance cameras at designated common areas.
Location of Sub-station 1 1st storey, near pedestrian gate facing Jalan Eunos.
Location of Water Tank No water tank provided. Water direct supply to fittings from PUB main feed
Location of Bin Centre No bin centre required and provided.. Open-to-sky store for spare refuse bins are provided next to the bicycle lots.
Location of Rubbish Chute Common corridor of every storey.
Refuse System Rubbish chambers is located at 1st storey, which opening is orientated away from the apartment unit.
Location of side gate Pedestrian gate, approximately 20 m away from the main gate.
Height of Boundary Wall Approximate 1.8 m