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The Visionaire EC smart home convenience save money

The Visionaire EC smart home convenience save money.

4 Reasons Why Buying a Smart Home Not Only Gives You a New Level of Convenience but Saves You Money Too

The year is 2016. That means we’re now further than where Marty McFly was in Back to the Future. So why aren’t most of us living like we belong in that futuristic time? We still use keys to open locked doors, still accidentally leave damp clothes in washing machines, and still aren’t clapping to switch on and off our lights. Okay, maybe scratch that last one. It sounds like it came out of a tacky 90’s sci-fi show.

So since we’re in an age of the smart phone, the smart TV and the smart watch, why are we still so hesitant about adopting the smart home concept? Probably because we think it’s not cost-effective. Why invest in a high-tech digital door lock set that would cost around $1,000, for example, when you can buy a simple padlock for less than $100? It’s a good question.

Here are 4 appliances a smart home will have that is not only cost-effective, but may also change your life:

A Smart Air-Conditioner

This is Singapore, a country that considers the air-conditioner a necessity, not just a luxury. How often have you come back from work on a hot and humid day, and find yourself desperately switching on the air-conditioner? The only problem is, because it’s been so hot and humid, your place feels like a greenhouse and it takes almost an hour for the air-conditioner to cool it down, even on full blast. In the meantime, you’re uncomfortable and wishing there was an easier way to do this.

A Smart Air-Conditioner can be controlled remotely using a mobile app. This means that you can switch it on as you’re making your way home, and ensure that you enter the comfort of a cooled room as soon as you open your door. By doing this, you also won’t feel like you need to set your air-con to the lowest temperature and the highest fan speed, saving you energy and money.

In the past, another way to save energy and money is to control how long the air-con remains on at night using the timer function. This was a useful but ultimately clunky method since it depends only on one factor: time. A Smart Air-Conditioner should be able to follow specific cooling settings based on multiple factors like weather conditions and number of people in the room.

 A Smart Washing Machine

Very few people like to do laundry, but even less people like to REDO laundry. Yet, that’s exactly what you have to do when you’ve accidentally left your clothes in the washer overnight. Knowing that washing machines use up a lot of energy and water, and you’re wasting even more as a result of your error can be frustrating as well.

A Smart Washing Machine will alert you, through a mobile app, when its cycle is complete. This makes the entire process a lot more efficient, going from washing your clothes to drying them, and can be timed a lot more accurately.

Smart Lighting, Motion Sensors and Smart Cameras

You’ve seen them in public bathrooms across the island. Lights that rely on motion sensors to detect movement and switch on when necessary. The same technology can now be applied all over your house. No more fumbling in the dark and risking an accident. Lighting that automatically turns on as soon as it detects movement ensure that you only use your lights when you need it.

Using a mobile app, you can also control aspects of your lighting, to cover a larger or smaller area as required. This way you can have enough light for a party, or ensure that you can read a book at night without disturbing the sleep of others in the room.

What’s more, these motion sensors can also act as security features to ensure the safety of those in the house and protect you from unwanted visitors. Alerts from the motion sensors can be sent to a mobile app in case there is unexpected movement or behaviour – like if there’s someone in your house when everyone is out, or if a child or pet enters an off-limit area.

You can even install smart cameras in those same off-limit locations in the house which can be remotely activated by movement. This way you not only get alerted to unexpected activity, you are also able to see exactly what’s going on, and whether it’s a false alarm or not.

As any concerned parent of young children or playful pet would know, enjoying the freedom to be away at work or play without worrying about whether everything is alright at home makes a big difference.

 Smart Digital Locks

While it’s true that the cost of a smart digital lock is equivalent to the cost of 10 regular padlocks, the convenience and flexibility that a smart digital lock brings is not something to be discounted. Unlike a regular padlock, there is no risk of getting locked out if you lose your key, or worry about who has access to your house.

A smart digital lock can be unlocked in several ways, either by remotely unlocking the door using a mobile app, using a pin code or an access card. This allows you to give access to several different groups of people. If you have friends coming over for a gathering, you can set an access code for them so that you don’t have to keep opening the door every time a new guest arrives. If you’re out and a trusted friend or relative is coming over, you also have the flexibility to unlock the door for them remotely using the mobile app. The possibilities are endless.

And if you’re worried about security, remember that the Smart Motion Sensors and Cameras will be able to alert you and allow you to see what’s going on in your home even when you’re not around.